Once your vehicle or truck has arrived at the destination you might be in need of spare parts, special tools, technical assistance or information. InterMotive is equipped to help you out with these issues. We have a service help desk available for you in the Netherlands. Our help desk is equipped with the latest software and tools in order to give you all possible support on the technical aspects of your vehicle. Your questions can be answered in English and French language.


We only work with genuine spare parts of Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, etc. This will guarantee the quality of the spare parts that we are sending to you.

We have a large stock of spare parts available in our warehouse so we can guarantee short delivery times. Your goods can be shipped by air or sea within 7 days.

Technical Training

If you have your own local workshop we can arrange a training for your mechanics. This can be done online or with the help of a trainer on site. Feel free to ask for a custom made training program.

Technical Assistance

At our help desk we can help you with technical assistance for any specific repair. If you need to have special tools for the repair, we can supply these as well. We also have a possibility of sending a mechanic to your site for assistance or repair, known as ‘The Flying Mechanic’.
InterMotive wants to be more than just a supplier. We are used to think in “Global transportation Solutions”. We see your problem as a challenge to supply you with the best possible service.

Workshop Equipment

We have a great range of workshop equipment available of all European suppliers. We have a lot of experience with the delivery of this equipment. From elevators till screwdrivers and from airco diagnostic machinery till special hand soap. Our service department can help you with finding the right equipment. We can supply genuine tools from the factory and universal equipment as well.

Oil, grease, coolant fluid, we can supply in barrels big or small, bottles or even larger quantities. Please feel free to ask for an offer.

InterMotive wants to be your full supplier for your automotive needs.