We offer a full range of custom services. We work with a free zone and arrange your paperwork online with the Dutch customes. Your vehicle or spare parts are always accompanied with the right custom documents. We are certified to export cars, trucks, spare parts, etc.

We can handle the entire transport of your vehicle or goods so you will be sure that your goods will arrive at the right time on the right place in the right condition.

Our premises is in between the sea ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp from where we ship your vehicles or goods all over the world. Also the airports of Brussels and Amsterdam are only 1 hour away from our place. We can use all kinds of transportation like ro-ro, groupage or by container if you want to minimize the risk of damage or theft.

During transportation we can take care of the insurance for your valuable goods or vehicles.

Every vehicle and all spare parts are passing our own workshop where we check and recheck the quality of your purchase and convert it to your wishes. By handling this all by ourselves we stay in control all the time and will be able to guarantee the quality.

We work very close together with some local companies that are specialized in craftmanship. We would like to mention Akkermans and Mobile Hydraulic. You can find a link to their website under the chapter LINK.