The key to the InterMotive difference is flexibility. We are a compact team of highly experienced individuals, able to quickly react to answer your needs. In any situation, you can count on InterMotive.



telefoon: +31 (0)165 50 48 39

Rene started his career in the banking world but changed to the car business rather quick. He studied economics in Rotterdam. Since 1996 he owns the company. The family character of the company is what he likes most. In his spare time he tries to spend time with wife and 2 kids or do some sport (running, tennis).



Manager Opérations
telefoon: +31 (0)165 50 48 39

Ben is active in the export market during his whole working career. After he achieved his Master degree in Economics at the Rotterdam University he has been working in the export of irrigation material. Since he joined InterMotive in 2006 he is responsible for the day to day business. In his spare time he like to sail on his boat together with his wife and 4 children.



Manager pièces de rechange
telefoon: +31 (0)165 50 48 39
e-mail: Jeroen has been working in parts and service business all of his live. After he studied (and graduated)economics in Breda. He is responsible for our important parts department. The engine for InterMotive. He likes to party and is trying to regain his tennis career.



Chef d'atelier
telefoon: +31 (0)165 50 48 39

Steven was born under a (4×4) vehicle. All his life he is working as a car mechanic. He is responsible for all the different type of conversion and the fitting of your accessories. He has a very broad knowledge of cars and trucks. In his spare time Steven like to spend time with his wife and their 3 kids. As soon as he has been able to save some money he wants to buy a motorcycle again.



telefoon: +31 (0) 165 50 48 39

Nick is our first mechanic and he also helps to load and unload containers. He has a good knowledge and many years of experience in the mounting of accessories and mining specs to vehicles. In his spare time he likes to drive his own car and spent time (and drinks) with his friends.



Manager logistique
telefoon: +31 165 504839



assistance departement des ventes
telefoon: +31 165 504839

Leandra is responsible for the right planning and shipment of the vehilces.She takes care of all the documentation, including custom paper work. She likes to travel a lot, and her boyfriend even more. So she has seen many places in the world and maybe you will meet here once on such a trip. At home see likes to spent time with her pets (2 cats and a 2 pigs!).



Ventes des pièces de rechanges
telefoon: 0031 165 504839

Kimberly joined our club in 2014. She has studied Leisure Hospitality Executive. Mainly because she is very social and likes to work with people. That’s why she fits so well in the InterMotive team: Always ready to serve our customer. On the picture she looks like a party animal (with her boyfriend) but in her work she is very serious.



Magasin - Chauffeur
telefoon: 0031 165 504839

Joyce joined InterMotive in 2014. She is very acurate which results in zero mistakes in your shipments. Joyce is a very positive and pleasant colleague.She like to work in the warehouse but is a very good driver as well on our delivery truck. At home she takes care of 3 kids together with her partner.